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SPCA’s dog wing to be quarantined for two weeks

pWATERTOWN — Following one of the Jefferson County SPCA’s dogs testing positive for the parvovirus, the shelter’s dogs will be quarantined in the dog wing for two weeks to prevent spreading./ppThe shelter announced the temporary closure, without the specific time frame, on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon. /ppCats and rabbits are still available for adoption at both the main shelter and the PetCo location during this two-week period./ppCanine parvovirus is a very durable, highly-contagious virus that attacks the bone marrow and intestinal tracts of dogs, according to a news release sent on Friday. /ppThe virus can live in the environment for at least five months and is very difficult to kill, which has led the shelter to its decision to quarantine./ppThe disease causes anemia, low immunity and severe vomiting and diarrhea, and has no specific cure. One infected dog has died at the shelter./pp“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, (the dog) succumbed to the disease,” the release stated./ppHowever, there is a preventative vaccine that’s almost 100 percent accurate./pp“The vaccine is not expensive, but the cost of the disease and treatment can cost hundreds and even thousands. Your local veterinarian can discuss the vaccine protocol and there are also vaccine clinics at PetCo and Tractor Supply Company,” the release stated./ppThe release noted the shelter’s staff is available for any questions or concerns the public may have at 315-782-3260./pp“We are devastated that our facility has been affected in this way and are appreciative of the continued support of our community,” the release stated./p


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