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Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

It’s so much more than a casino and hotel, it’s a community that’s part of a community

The Tewathahonni Corporation owns the Tribe’s limited liability corporations (LLC).

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is one of the largest employers, not only of the local community, but of Northern New York as a whole. Revenue from Mohawk Gaming Enterprises LLC (Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort) continues to serve as a critical funding source for tribal programs and services.

Mohawk Networks, LLC, launched in 2015 after the Tribe’s completion of a $15 million broadband project that laid sixty-eight miles of fiber and connected hundreds of Akwesasne residents to reliable, cost-effective broadband service. In 2016, Mohawk Networks developed an off-territory subsidiary company that is activating customers in rural, un-served counties, utilizing fiber to wireless technology, a less expensive deployment that leverages existing E911 towers. Mohawk Networks is creating a model that will deliver high speed Internet to our surrounding communities, increasing access to education, healthcare and strengthening our regional economy.

Akwesasne TV, launched in 2015 after the Tribe’s completion of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program that deployed 60 computers to 5 computer centers, fostering digital literacy within the territory. The local TV station, Akwesasne TV was launched to promote culture, language and local artisans in Akwesasne and other First Nation communities. Akwesasne TV vision is to bring more awareness to First Nation communities by delivering positive Indigenous storytelling to the world.

The following links are to programs the tribe runs. This all costs money and that money comes from revenue developed by BOTH the casino AND the services they have worked hard to build for the community. All this runs on employees which feeds families and the local economy.