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Potsdam rolls out new town website

pPOTSDAM — The town has a new website that is more user friendly and acts not just as a resource for area residents, but also as a visitor’s center online, according to Town Clerk Cindy Goliber./pp“It just was rolled out in the first week in September. We’ve been working on it for a good part of this year,” Mrs. Goliber said. “I’m sure we’ll be adding more links and information as time goes on but I think it was in a good place to roll it out to the community. I think we have an excellent site in place for the future. This is probably our fourth website we’ve had in the past 20 years and every one has been a little bit better, but I think this one is certainly the best.”/ppIncluded in the new website, a href="", are “Resident Services,” with links on where to report things like a streetlight out or potholes, but also provides links to highway notices, annual assessment roll, the town budget, paying taxes in Potsdam, dog license application, community dog park and parks & recreation./ppMrs. Goliber said the websites in the past have been maintained locally, but will now be managed by Edmunds GovTech Company, which gives the town 24-7 support if there is an issue. “In the past, our websites were difficult to maneuver through, to make sure things were posted and updated and whatnot, and that is a disservice to the community,” Mrs. Goliber said. “So the town decided that we would invest with a company that has the expertise and has a very good track record with their websites.” /ppIn addition to all the resources available to the public, there will also be up-to-date Town Board minutes for residents who can’t make it to meetings and agendas of meetings to come, so they can decide if it is a meeting they want to attend. /ppThere is also access to state taxation and finance information, which will give the most up-to-date information, Mrs. Goliber said./ppMoreover, Mrs. Goliber said she is also taking public input and suggestions as to what they would like to see added to the site./pp“I received a recommendation about a link for seniors to receive information on housing and thought that was a really good informative link to have on the website,” she said. “With our old site we didn’t have a page for that. Now we do, and I’m sure we will get more recommendations, and I don’t know that we can accommodate everybody, but we would certainly like to have as much information for the local community.” /ppAnyone interested in making suggestions should contact Mrs. Goliber at“I just really want to thank everybody for all their input, because it was a long tedious process and I certainly couldn’t have developed it without everybody in the office giving me their information and suggestions,” Mrs. Goliber said. “It was certainly a team effort, I was just a facilitator.”/p


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