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pCOPY DESK NOTE: Remember to search local paragraphs and brieflies EACH DAY to insure timely placement of both of these small but important items that frequently don’t make it to a budget entry/pp/ppABBASS:/ppIDA/DANC HARRISVILLE: The LC IDA has purchased a former Harrisville lumber yard property that will be turned into a regional recycling facility by DANC. (13-16 inches + julie art)/ppCOPENHAGEN DRILL TEAM: The Copehenhagen Fire Drill Team is expected to show up in numbers at tonight’s village meeting to demand reinstatement, but opposition to the move should be showing up with the numbers to show what a bad move that would be. (15-18 inches + julie art)/ppCOPS_lewis /ppCOPS_jeff/pp/ppAVALLONE:/pp/ppBELANGER: COWS — The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park had two calves donated to it for educational purposes. Adding info about struggles of the dairy industry and how the education is important. 12-15 inches, Sydney art and possible video./ppBRIDGES OUT POVERTY – Lewis County received funding to start their own Bridges Out of Poverty program. 8-10 inches, file art./ppMUST_STAND ALONE — Daytona will be headed to the Credo Farm’s equine therapy open house, which is also Jim Scordo’s retirement party. She’ll get photos of both./ppLEFTOVER_KICKBALL — Second annual Kickin’ It For A Cause registration is open. 10 inches, submitted art./ppLEFTOVER_LOCAL_LYME BOE ­— Lyme BOE meeting will be held Monday./pp/ppFOX:/ppPOOL BIDS – Bids went out for the pool on Wednesday and will be open on July 25. Despite the changes with council and mayor, the project is expected to move forward if the bids come in right. 18 inches. Splash pad photos because city engineer mentioned it was so poplar and I’m putting that in the story./ppSTABBING FOLLOW – An argument over a cell phone and rent money led to the stabbing of three, 12 inches./ppCOURT WRAP – More court from wednesday/pp/ppLeftover — Downtown people talk about Business Improvement District. 13 inches./pp/ppKELLY: EXPLOITED CHILD: Antwerp woman faces up to 30 years in prison after admitting in federal court she sexually abused and recorded a 2-year-old child — 8 inches/pp/ppKENMORE:/ppNYCAN FUNDING: A new initiative for SUNY community colleges to help with workforce training. About 15 inches./ppMISSILE FOLLOW (?): May write a follow story on the Fort Drum announcement if I can get a little more information. About 15 inches./ppHELD_COUNTY MEETING/pp/ppTaber Montgomery: WDT_TABER-MONTGOMERY_Parsons SJ CSD 10 in with photo SJ High School asst. principal taking the role of assistant superintendent /pp/ppWOLF:/ppSTEFANIK FUND: The Alexandria Town Council’s ambition to foster more development on Route 12 by expanding its sewer system will receive a more than $3 million federal funding boost. Length TBD. /ppLEFTOVER_CLUB STREET: The Town Council has moved closer towards transforming a dilapidated home and boat yard on Club Street into a new municipal marina downtown. /ppLEFTOVER_COUNTY COURT 0625: A repeat drug offender with a criminal history spanning more than decade will return to prison after being sentenced Tuesday in Jefferson County Court. About 30 inches. /ppRANDAZZO RESIGNS: Anthony P. Randazzo concluded five and a half years of public service when he tendered his resignation as deputy mayor two weeks ago./ppBRIEFLY_EZPASS: Tolls at the Thousand Islands International Bridge system have begun accepting E-ZPass following a soft launch Sunday./ppBriefly on Seaway Splash for Saturday to go with Friday photo. /pp/ppSLAW REPORTERS/pp/ppBECKSTEAD:/ppBIKE RIDE. A 1984 graduate of Massena Central High School will be returning to Massena for his 35th class reunion. But the trip from his home in Portland, Maine to Massena will take a few days because John Brooking plans to pedal the 300 miles on his bicycle, along with his riding partner, Cheryl Drda. At the same time, the bicycle journey will be raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Massena. (16 inches, with submitted photo)/ppGOOSE ROUNDUP. It was roundup time Thursday at the Wilson Hill causeway and boat launch. The state Department of Environmental Conservation held its annual Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Goose Drive, giving individuals a hands-on opportunity to experience banding birds in a safe and controlled environment. (10-15 inches, with Chris Lenney photos)/ppHOSPITAL MEETING. The Massena Memorial Hospital Board of Managers is meeting in a special session at 5 p.m. “to discuss leadership changes.”/ppLEFTOVER (TIME SENSITIVE): CAPTAINS LEAVING. After seven years in Massena, the commanders of The Salvation Army are heading to a new assignment in Syracuse. Captains Russell and Cynthia Crowsen will be leaving Sunday and will be replaced by Majors Robert and Karen Bender. The Benders will arrive in Massena sometime between July 1 and 7. (20 inches, with submitted photos)/ppLEFTOVER: VILLAGE COMPUTERS. Some computers used at the Massena Police Department and in village of Massena offices will need to be replaced because the Windows 7 operating system will no longer be supported as of January 2020. (12 inches, with stock art)/ppLEFTOVER (TIME SENSITIVE): GAS SALE. Friday is the deadline to make comments to the state Public Service Commission regarding a rate change requested by St. Lawrence Gas, as well as a proposal for Liberty Utilities Co. to acquire St. Lawrence Gas. (23 inches, with file photo)/ppLEFTOVER. RACER VIDEO. A new video produced by RACER (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response) Trust touts the success of the cleanup at the former GM Powertrain site, and promotes the 217-acre site for future use. (24 inches, with file photo)/pp/ppECKERT:TRASHBAG INCREASE : Price of trash bags going up in Potsdam /ppOPEN HOUSE: St. Lawrence County Youth Advocate Programs marking its 20th anniversary, photos from Lenney/ppGRASER: METH DISCUSSION: city police and Sheriff’s office will discuss meth production and detection to Ogdensburg residents tonight at Dobisky Center. 12 inches Graser photo/ppGRASER: FIRE FOLLOW: more info on fire that destroyed house in Ogdensburg Wednesday./ppMENDE:/ppLGBT, CANTON — Standing beside his mother, Nathan Robinson cheered loudly as the Gay Pride flag inched its way up the flag pole outside the municipal building, taking a place beside Old Glory. The 24-year-old was among about 30 people who gathered on a sunny Thursday morning for a brief flag raising ceremony that marks the first time a rainbow colored flag will fly outside Canton’s government building, (WITH PICS)/pp/ppHOLD OVER- SLC legislators speak against Green Light law/ppHOLD OVER- Will cost SLC more than $160,000 for design work for the three new highway outpost facilities/ppHOLD OVER – SLC Public transportation receives grant funding to take Medicaid recipients to non-medical appts. /p


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